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Talent recruitment & attraction

Talents are in high demand. As we step into a new era of work, talent recruitment, talent attraction and talent retention has become a compelling priority for every business. To meet the evolving demands of the hiring managers & businesses and facilitate a shift in focus to skills over more typical position-filling. Our business is established and team is set up to work with our clients to attract people with the right skills to take our clients’ organization into next level. This team is equipped with the combination of the skills ranging from talents sourcing, talent engagement, interview & assessment, to hiring & onboarding. They are responsible for the whole talent management process.

We provide search & recruitment services to our customers at various levels from executive, middle management, to professional. We integrate scientific research with our practical experience and industry-specific knowledge for our clients. No matter what challenges you are facing, company transformation, mergers and acquisitions, business incubation, consolidation and new market entry – we are privileged to help & work with organizations to address critical business hiring needs and identify the top talents needed to execute on their strategy, and solve their problems.

Professional And Experienced

Why LinkNow Service?

We know people.

We use professional assessment tool to provide insight into candidates’ competencies, their personalities & characters, and what motivate them, as well as the skills & experiences they have that are required to the role. We can provide targeted search aiming to relevant industries & companies against the role you are looking to hire.

We know the market.

Using the comprehensive search, market finding and solid talent data, we give clients confidence not only that they are selecting the right candidate, but also offering them a competitive compensation based on the role’s positioning and requirements.

We are flexible.

With our effort dedicated to each industry and function to support search engagements on a short notice, we can quickly adapt to accommodate any changes in hiring assignments.

We deliver results.

Talents hired with our service perform and deliver outstanding results.